A serious issue - the "Airbnb mail scam"

I've seen so many people complaining about what I call the "Airbnb mail scam". Guests trying real hard to get access to mailboxes, so I've started an investigation.

First of all, I'd like to say if you own a property and you let strange unknown people to spend nights, use your utensils, having irrestricted access, you have an inclination to believe people are good, and they are just having fun at your place. What happens is, as my grandma used to say, "bad people exist, kid".

There is this one thing that I've seen recently in all Airbnb communities I'm a part of: Guests want access to our mailboxes. But why? What is the big deal?

I performed a search and found out scammers might take advantage of your kindness to let them access your mailbox in many different ways. There is this one post that really caugh my attention. Someone was trying to steal a business index on Google. Well, if you're a business owner, you want it to be indexed by google. So, a guest tryed to steal a potentialy good Google business index, which directly affects Google search results, to drive all that search traffic to another business. You can read the host original post here.

I'm mind blown. How creative these scammers are, and what a variety of benefits they can steal from you. Think about this:
- Scammer knows your Google business address is the same as that of Airbnb;
- He/she books your place;
- He/she stays in your place long enough to "prove" your place is his.
That scammer deserves a prize!
The same might be happening with you. Scammers might be using your address to do business without you even knowing.

How Covid-19 Airbnb mail scam works

During Covid-19 pandemic online sales skyrocketed, opening all sorts of online sales scam practices, targeting people not used to buy online, but now are forced to.
Knowing scams are growing together with online sales, online shopping platforms are requiring sellers to prove their addresses. But scammers aren't giving their true addresses, they're creative cowards, they will use your address instead. Proving it's theirs by receiving a PIN number by mail. And you gave them resources to keep scamming innocent people.

“What they do is they'll take these addresses to give their website more legitimacy”
- Karla Laird from the Better Business Bureau, in an interview to CTV news

There are some cases, like the one I mentioned above, in which a scam like this can directly affect the host somehow. Although this type of scam is not likely to harm we hosts, we need to understand we are being tools to steal other people.

Protect your mailbox

Never allow guests to have access to your mailbox. If you live far from your listing, and need to manage at distance, ask a neighbor or a friend to regularly get your mail for you. Consider also contracting someone to take care of your mail.
Also, PO boxes still exist! Don't be afraid to instruct your guests to rent PO boxes during their stay. Don't be naive, bad people exist, and they use our trust-in-peopleness against us.

How hosts are getting ready for post Covid-19

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