Cities around the world are regulating Airbnb

British Columbia, Canada. Chief licence inspector says new service provides 'important insights' as Vancouver enforces rules.

Short-term rental (up to 30 days) regulations are being put in place to help protecting long-term rental (more then 30 days) housing and allowing residents to earn additional income.

If you own or run an Airbnb in Vancouver area, you must apply for a licence. However, it is not just Vancouver, many other cities such as New York, require listings to be registered and follow rules. In New York, for example, even guests might be penalized if they rent illegaly.

Airbnb is launching a new portal for cities and organizations aimed at helping them ensure compliance with local rules

At first, not all cities are included into this new program. Vancouver and Calgary are among the 10 North American cities included in the new portal, which Airbnb says will also aid in rebuilding post-pandemic tourism and providing technical support.

The short-term home rental company asserts the first phase of its City Portal directly connects local governments to the Airbnb platform, providing real-time details about specific rentals and remitted tourist tax revenue. It will also include resources, a hotline and law enforcement portal.

“We're thankful to Airbnb both for their collaboration and pro-activity in creating a tool that will help the City better enforce our short-term rental laws”
- Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento

Airbnb comeback after Covid-19 in U.S.
Airbnb comeback after Covid-19 in U.S.

Airbnb asserts in its City Portal blog, that government leaders have been clear about what they want from Airbnb: real-time, actionable insights to better understand the Airbnb landscape in their communities.

Make sure your listing is compliant

Despite you are already running your listing on Airbnb and making sure once you were compliant, things are changing at speed of light during Covid-19 pandemic. You can be affected not even knowing.

Keep in mind there are several layers of law-enforcement. There are federal, state, city, neighborhood and HOA (homeowners associations) rules and laws that must be followed.

Don't trust just your own opinion. Googleing and asking hosts communities are a good help. Though always consider professional legal advice.

How hosts are getting ready for post Covid-19

The time for bold solutions is now. The world as we know it is in flux. All normal systems of how we live our lives, get our food, work and socialize have been interrupted because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Cutting-edge automation systems are emerging from Covid-19 crisis. Automation systems like can increase Airbnb listings occupancy rate by up tp 90%.

Hosts all around the world are adhering Airbnb automation - the process of optimizing recurring tasks to increase efficiency and minimize costs. These automations include answering guests inquiries, creating custom access codes, coordinating cleanings, and more. Automation allows hosts to organize many of your daily operations so that you no longer need to do them yourself.

Carebnb is the right choice

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