More of the same

We've being in this Airbnb business long enough to see with our own eyes listings being standardized by an entrepreneurial phenomenon.

Master suite has to have a king or queen bed, sheets and towels are always white (bamboo is prefered) and Nespresso brewers. These are the ingredients for a successful listing, according to all Airbnb communities you're a part of.

We've seen hosts also asking for "What towels should I buy?" or "What forniture brand is appropriate?". The result is Airbnb turning into a boring all-white hotel-like rooms marketplace.

Plenty of space to highlight yourself

Customers are seeking for authentic places to stay more than ever. What are hosts doing but not adding authenticity to their listings?

We need to do a lot of research to find a unique place to stay. Even treehouses, cottages or yurts, they're all hotel-like inside. Airbnb used to be a place where I could find fun places to stay, places which the main attractions were themselves.

A recent research (The Role of Authenticity in Airbnb Experiences) conducted by the University of Vienna, Austria, has proven authenticity leads to satisfaction. They found that "the feeling of authentic experiences shows not be built upon consumers’ engagement with the Airbnb platform", and they conclude that the called Host factors are the most significant factors in lack of authenticity. Further, they also found that authenticity leads to satisfaction and loyalty.

Use your background in your favor

Foreigner, immigrant, lgbt, minority? That is an asset, use it. people are looking for the most gay-ish, arabic-ish, black-ish, jehovah-witness-ish places to stay and enjoy.

Hang your Romero Brito's frame, if you're Brazilian. Add Bible verses to the wall, if you're christian. Replace the roof by glass, use blue silverware, cover the walls by feather, make a video game room. The options are endless.

What not to do

Step aside of any political matter. Trump or Biden? None is the right answer. We've seen lots of complaints lately, from hosts and guests. No banners, no pins, no stickers.

Don't be offensive. That's okay to have a lgbt listing. Jesus Christ transgender is too far. Limit your criativity to what is not offensive.

Be careful with easy-to-break furniture and accessories. Guests tend to be less careful than hosts, guests also come with kids and pets, be ready for all that.

Some sick Airbnbs to inspire you

Jungle Treehouse, São Paulo, Brazil

Jungle Treehouse
São Paulo, Brazil

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Modern Apartment, Akureyri, Iceland

Modern Apartment
Akureyri, Iceland

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Geodesic Dome, Chile

Geodesic Dome

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Forest and Heaven, Melbourne, Australia

Forest and Heaven
Melbourne, Australia

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Casa Joshua Tree, Joshua Tree, California

Casa Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree, California

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Architectural Masterpiece, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Architectural Masterpiece
Rio de Janeiro, Brazi

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How hosts are improving their listings

The time for bold solutions is now. The world as we know it is in flux. All normal systems of how we live our lives, get our food, work and socialize have been interrupted because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Cutting-edge automation systems are emerging from Covid-19 crisis. Automation systems like can increase Airbnb listings occupancy rate by up tp 90%.

Hosts all around the world are adhering Airbnb automation - the process of optimizing recurring tasks to increase efficiency and minimize costs. These automations include answering guests inquiries, creating custom access codes, coordinating cleanings, and more. Automation allows hosts to organize many of your daily operations so that you no longer need to do them yourself.

Carebnb is the right choice

From generating custom access codes, to auto-scheduled cleaning and inspection. Carebnb is a cutting-edge system, that will bring you to the next level of Airbnb management. Check it out: