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Automatic messaging

Carebnb communicates with guests straight through Airbnb app!

Send automatic messages based on the day of check-ins and checkouts.

Keep your guests up to date, communicating rules and procedures in a timely manner. Up-to-date guests are more likely to follow rules. Rules being followed equals less turnover work.

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Customize it

Send automatic messages based on the day of the week.
Trash day, near by activities, discounts, etc... We got you covered. With your own touch, we talk and explain rules and procedures to your guests.

Carebnb allows you to set your own custom messages, by day of the week. For example, "Tomorrow is Saturday, put on your dancing shoes and come dance at Willi's Dancing house!"

You can also communicate your rules based on check-in or chackout dates. Fo example, "Tomorrow's checkout is at 11am. Please don't forget to put all towels in the washer, no need to start it."