Reagle smartlock with airbnb, automated

Automatically secured access codes with your favorite smartlock

Carebnb reads your Airbnb reservations and automatically creates temporary and secure access codes with your Reagle™ smartlock.

Automatic management

At the moment a new reservation is detected, each guest receives unique temporary access codes.
Carebnb automatically manages all access by creating, changing and suspending codes when needed.

Smart decision

Reagle ™ is an affordable, reliable and efficient smartlock. With no need to pay monthly fees to Reagle ™ company, you’re just a few clicks away from smart managing your listings’ accesses.

Customize it

Trash day; Near by activities; Discounts; etc... We got you covered.
With your own touch, we talk and explain rules and procedures to your guests.


Our prorietary algorithm detects common guest requests and automatically deals with them. Be always efficient and polite at dealing with guests.