How it works

Put your vacation rental on autopilot with our smart chatbot agent for Airbnb hosts

Step 1

Configure frequently answered questions

Just inform the most frenquently answered questions. For example:
question: Where is the remote for the gate?
answer: It's right by the garage door.

Step 2

Configure house rules

We provide a list of rules. All you need to do is to select if each rule is allowed, not allowed or might be allowed in certain cases.
For example: Are pets allowed?
Yes. In case pets are always allowed.
Never. In case pets are never allowed, in any circumstance.
Depends. Service dogs are allowed.

Step 3

Inform nearby attractions

Guests like to know about nearby attractions. Is there a stadium, a beach, park or restaurant nearby? Simply inform your chatbot with what is nearby your property.

Artificial intelligence

Your business on autopilot

Smart chatbot agent will learn as it goes. As hosts responds to questions not in FAQ, house rules or nearby attactions, your chatbot agent learns the answers you give along time, and starts responding automatically.