The next generation guestbook

Replace your old-fashioned paper guestbook with the only digital map guestbook

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Transform your iPad into a Smart Guestbook

Our exclusive app will sync with your Airbnb account automatically.

We will detect your reservations and display exclusive personalized greetings to your guests.
With this fun and easy to use Smart Guestbook, your guests will have a unique experience at sharing their experiences in your place.

This innovative cutting edge technology will give yor guests an awesome experience. Try it out now.

Smart Guestbook at a glance

Share your guests stories

Share exotic stories among guests.
Improve your guests' experience.

Auto day-night mode

Lighter at daytime, dark at night.
Maximum confort to your guests.

Easy and fun to use

Intuitive interface easy to be used by anyone.
Also adds lots of fun to your guests.